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Paving includes any kind of paving work that involves "hardscaping" or the laying or pouring of a hard outdoor surface. As such, it can fall under a variety of trade licensing regulations. For example, a concreting licence may be required for laying a poured concrete driveway or patio surface or a brick paving licence may be required for laying brick pavers. In some areas, a landscaping licence may be needed to lay any type of pavers.

Where a licence or registration is not required, the best way to ensure you are hiring professional paving expert is to check their qualifications when you get quotes from local paving services. They should have a track record of service in your area. For special concrete finishes or expert brick or natural stone paving, look for paving professionals with a portfolio of completed work that proves their competence.

Paving - New South Wales

In New South Wales, your paving contractor will need to hold a concreting licence issued by NSW Fair Trading if they lay any type of concrete paving. If you are having natural stone paving laid, they will need to hold a "minor trade work" licence restricted to paving.

Paving - Victoria

In Victoria, a paving contractor will need to hold a Domestic Builder Limited (DB-L) registration card with an additional "B" designation (DB-L-B) if they pour concrete paving. For paving jobs valued under $10000, registration (the equivalent of licensing in other states) is not required.

Paving - Queensland

In Queensland, a Structural Landscaping licence issued by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) is required for pouring or laying any type of paver. The person or company you enter into a contract with will need to hold a Contractor licence. A licensed Nominee Supervisor will need to supervise work carried out on behalf of a company or if the supervisor works on behalf of a sole proprietor, they will need to hold a Site Supervisor licence.

Paving - South Australia

In South Australia, anyone who engages in landscaping work, including paving, must hold a building work contractor licence. The Attorney General's Department of Consumer and Business Services (CBS) issues trade licences in SA.

Paving - Western Australia

In Western Australia, a trade licence is only required for building work valued at over $20,000 or work that requires a building permit. However, professional concreters and other paving services often hold individual, partnership or company building licences to enable them to engage in large-scale projects.

Paving - Tasmania

In Tasmania, the Department of Justice issues building accreditation rather than a building licence. No accreditation is required for concreting or paving in Tasmania. Look for a paving specialist in Tasmania whose previous work proves they are capable of carrying out professional quality work.

Paving - Australian Capital Territory

In the ACT, a paving contractor may hold a Class D builders licence for non-structural building work. If they are working on behalf of a building contractor, a trade licence is not required for work valued under $5000.

Paving - Northern Territory

In the Northern Territory, no trade licence is required for paving professionals for jobs valued at less than $12,000. In some counties, a Home Improvement Licence may be required for paving work. Check with your local council to find out if this licence applies in your area.

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