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Plasterers based in your relevant state or territory need to be licensed by WorkSafe for performing high risk work and in many states, separate wet plastering and dry plastering licences are required. See our state-by-state overview for more details about licensing requirements in your relevant state or territory.

Plastering is often just one aspect of a building or home improvement project. Use the licence check facility on this site to check any tradespersons licence. Make sure their licence is current and valid for the job they undertake for you.

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Air Conditioning Licence Classes

Most commonly associated Plastering licence classes around Australia are:

  • Plastering
  • Plasterer
  • Dry Plasterer
  • Wet Plasterer
  • Plastering Drywall

Plastering Services

Plasterers carry out a wide range of jobs related to plastering, including:

  • Wet Plastering
  • Dry Plastering
  • Smoothing of Surfaces
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