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Broadmeadow Glass & Aluminium Nsw Pty Ltd

Licence Status Expired

Address: BROADMEADOW, NSW 2292

Licence Number: 112262C

Licensed By: NSW Fair Trading

Licence Information

Licence Class Start Date Expiry Date
Carpenter 29/03/2000 29/03/2009
Joiner 29/03/2000 29/03/2009
Glazier 29/03/2000 29/03/2009
Carpenter & Joiner 29/03/2000 29/03/2009

Licence Types
Contractor Licence

Check DateLicence Check Date: 13/12/2019

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Licence Class

Carpenter & Joiner

A carpentry & joiner licence allows the holder to carry out a range of jobs involving the use of timber or timber composites.

Servicable Categories with Carpenter & Joiner Licence Class


Licence Class


A carpentry licence allows the holder to carry out a range of jobs involving the use of timber.

Servicable Categories with Carpenter Licence Class


Licence Class



Licence Class


Glazing is defined as any work involving the installation of glass, acrylic and similar materials in a prepared opening such as a window frame or door frame.

Servicable Categories with Glazier Licence Class


These licence details were collected from a public website on which licensing details are available. The information was not created by us and we do not warrant its accuracy. We recommend you always check the licence status with the relevant local authority prior to commencing any works.

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