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More information on Local Roofers

Roofers can help you with:

Roofers are dedicated professionals that are able to install, repair and restore all elements of your roofing. In some localities roofers need to be licensed to carry out any works to your home. They have the necessary training and experience for their trade, and should be aware of all aspects pertaining to it.

Roofers are typically required to be in possession of a trade specific licence roofing; though roof tiling, roof slating and roof plumbing may also apply. You need to check a trade licence to ensure that it is the correct class for your job. Licence classes and conditions govern what scope of works the holder is allowed to carry out. It is unlawful for them to undertake works outside of this.

Roofer Services

Licensed roofers can carry out a range of works, including:

  • Installation of roof tiles
  • Installation of metal roofing
  • Installation of roof sarking
  • Repairs
  • Restoration