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Perth - Inner Northern Suburbs

Licensed Local Blinds in Perth - Inner Northern Suburbs - Find Licensed Blinds Where You Live

Are you looking for a licensed Blind Installer in Perth - Inner Northern Suburbs?

A Blind Installer based in WA needs to be licensed and is regulated by the local state licensing authority. The person who carries out the work must have a valid licence or have a valid apprentice/trainee licence and work under supervision of a licensed Blind Installer.

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215626C NSW Fair Trading
Licence Class Start Date Expiry Date
Builder 16/06/2009 15/06/2013
Air Conditioning 16/06/2009 15/06/2013
Minor Trade Work 16/06/2009 15/06/2013
Refrigeration 16/06/2009 15/06/2013


229353C NSW Fair Trading
Licence Class Start Date Expiry Date
Air Conditioning 27/09/2010 26/09/2013
Refrigeration 27/09/2010 26/09/2013
Minor Trade Work 27/09/2010 26/09/2013
Electrician 27/09/2010 26/09/2013

These licence details were collected from a public website on which licensing details are available. The information was not created by us and we do not warrant its accuracy. We recommend you always check the licence status with the relevant local authority prior to commencing any works.

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