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A gate is usually an integrated part of a fencing installation. As such, most building regulatory authorities in Australia include gates in their licensing requirements for "fences and gates." However, some regulations and Australian Standards for gates can be very specific. Swimming pool gates, for example, must be child-proof. Find out more about licensing regulations for gates by scrolling to the information pertaining to your state or territory.

Gates - New South Wales

In NSW, Fair Trading defines fencing as the "construction of fences and gates." If the total construction cost of a fence and gate or gates is in excess of $1000, the work must be carried out by a licensed professional. Three classes of licence may apply to the installation of fences and gates in NSW:

  1. A carpentry licence authorises the licence holder to build or install timber, metal and pre-fabricated glass fencing and gates
  2. A glazing licence permits the holder to install glass or acrylic fencing and gates
  3. A metal fabrication licence authorises the licence holder to construct metal fences and gates

If you are having pool fencing or a pool gate installed, contact your local council first. Pool fencing must be inspected and approved. Look for a specialist in pool fencing to install your pool fencing for you and they will be able to help you through the approval process.

Gates - Victoria

In Victoria, building contractors must be licenced as registered building practitioners. The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) sets out the requirements for this licence. A Registered Building Practitioner (RBP) is required for any building or building-related job that exceeds $10000 in value.

If your gate installation is part of a fencing construction job, check with your local council first. If part of the fence adjoins a neighbour's property, its construction is a joint responsibility. If you are building a pool fence and gate, find out what the local regulations surrounding pool fencing are.

Gates - Queensland

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) defines the construction and installation of fences and gates as part of structural landscaping. The required licence is Builder Restricted to Structural Landscaping. A licence is required for jobs that cost $3300 or more in Queensland, so if you are just having a gate installed, a licence may not be required.

Gates - South Australia

In SA, the Department of Consumer and Business Services (CBS) issues trade licences to qualified individuals and companies. A trade licence is not required for the installation of a gate. However, the installer will have to hold or work with someone who holds a building contractor's licence. The installer will also need to have a Construction Induction Card (CIC), which is issued after safety training.

Gates - Western Australia

In WA, a builder's licence is only needed for construction jobs costing $20,000 or more, so your fencing and gate installer will probably not need to carry a licence. However, your gate builder should have a business licence and be able to provide you with proof of competence. Any tradie who works on your property should carry insurance.

Gates - Tasmania

In Tasmania, fence and gate installers do not need a specific licence. If gate installation is part of a larger project that costs over $5000, the contractor must have a building accreditation issued by the Department of Justice. Anyone working on your property should carry a Construction Induction Card (CIC). Your gate installer should be insured and able to guarantee the quality of their work.

Gates - Australian Capital Territory

In the ACT, no specific licence is required for installing a gate or fence. However, you should only deal with reputable businesses with business licences or individuals who have an ABN. Anyone working on your property should be insured. If you are having a pool gate installed, check with your council first and find out if it needs to be inspected.

Gates - Northern Territory

In the NT, a licence or registration is not needed to have a gate or fence installed. In some counties, a Home Improvement licence is required for jobs valued over $3000 (labour and materials). Check with your local council if your fence and/or gate installation job is going to cost over that amount.

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