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Insulation Installation


Insulation is crucial for ensuring that your home is the optimum temperature no matter what the weather. It can be installed in the ceiling, floor and walls. You should use a reputable insulation installer as there are safety considerations to bear in mind. This is especially true of a ceiling installation where downlights are known to be a cause of fire when insulation is incorrectly installed. Use a licensed electrician to inspect and make safe any ceiling insulation where downlights are fitted.

Look for the R value of any insulation product this is a guide to the thermal performance of the product. You will need to install insulation that is appropriate for your climatic region, so your home performs adequately. Your local council or accredited installer can advise on the appropriate R value for your specific project.

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Insulation Installation Licence Class

Most commonly associated Insulation Installation licence class around Australia is:

  • Install. Of insulation material

Insulation Installer Services

An insulation installer can service a range of jobs, including:

  • Insulation supply
  • Ceiling insulation install
  • Wall insulation install
  • Floor insulation install
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