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Roof Repairs

Roof repairs fall into a grey area between roofing and general home maintenance. While in some areas, you may not be required to hire a licensed contractor to carry out minor roof repairs, it's important to hire someone with professional qualifications if you want to be sure the job will be done right.

Roof Repairs New South Wales

Two types of roofing related licences exist in New South Wales:

  1. To fix tiles or slates to a roof, a contractor must hold a Roof Tiling, Roof Slating or General Construction licence
  2. A Roof Plumbing licence covers installation, renovation, or repair of gutters, downpipes, flashing and roof coverings.

Roof Repairs Victoria

In order to obtain a Roofing licence in Victoria, an applicant must complete a Certificate II course of instruction and pass an examination. A Roofing Improvement specialist must hold a DB-L-K licence. To obtain the licence, the applicant must prove they are qualified and must carry insurance.

Roof Repairs Queensland

Licences for roofing repair and installation exist in Queensland. In addition, there is a separate licence for installing roof cladding.

Roof Repairs South Australia

Roofers in South Australia must have a Building Work Contractor's licence. Aside from demonstrating competence, licence applicants must prove they are financially solvent and carry appropriate insurance.

Roof Repairs Western Australia

No specific licence exists for roofing or roof repairs in WA. However, roofers should have a Building Practitioner licence issued by the WA Building Commission.

Roof Repairs Tasmania

In Hobart, licences from other states and even some other countries are recognised. Although no specific licence exists for roofing or roof repairs, if a building permit is required, the person carrying out the work must have at least two years of experience and prove they are competent.

Roof Repairs Northern Territory

No licence for roof repairs is needed in the NT. However, professional roofers and roof repair services may hold a builders licence.

Roof Repairs Australian Capital Territory

Roofers in the ACT must hold Class C Building Licences issued by the ACT Planning and Land Authority. This type of licence allows them to work on low rise residential buildings.

If a trade licence is not required for roof repairs in your area, make sure your roof repair service is qualified and carries insurance. If the service has a history of quality service in your area and carries appropriate insurance, you can probably trust them with your job. If a licence is required in your state, never hire an unlicensed roofing repair service.

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